MD Ortho Provides Cost Savings and Increased Productivity.

For Employers

We reconnect the physician with the patient by skipping over the waste and delays of the current US healthcare system.


Why Choose MD Ortho Systems?

Lower medical and workers’ compensation claims cost
Reduced employee absence for diagnosis, treatment and recovery
Lower your mod factor and your workers’ compensation premiums
Eliminate hours per injury in lost work time for multiple medical appointments (urgent care, ER, orthopedic specialist, PT)
Rapid access to care, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment decrease absence from work
Our experts clarify work restrictions (light duty/full duty) for a safe return to work
Decreased OSHA-reportable incidents
Increased employee retention and engagement

A Trusted Solution

MD Ortho is a Valuable Benefit for Your Employees:*

No co-pays or deductibles for MD Ortho services

Free access to virtual physical therapy video library and patient education library

No cost or low cost for many types of durable medical equipment

Discounted imaging (MRI/X-ray/CT scan/Ultrasound) at selected partners

Increased employee income from reduced time away from work and travel costs for medical appointments

Prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment reduces recovery time and risk of increased severity of injury

Access to MD Ortho at work or at home

*Employee benefits may vary according to the plan purchased by customer. Services provided by imaging partners and other third-party providers require additional fees.
MD Ortho Systems telehealth

MD Ortho Provides Cost Savings and Increased Productivity.

MD Ortho Systems telehealth